wingless moringa seeds

Wingless moringa oleifera pkm1 seeds

We are exporter of wingless moringa seeds for large quantity for human food purposes.  Our wingless moringa seeds are clean, free from wings and suitable for eating purpose.

Organic moringa seeds for sale

Wingless edible moringa Seeds

Moringa is one of the nutrient-dense plant, rich in minerals like calcium, iron, and vitamins.  Essential amino acids that are found in the moringa. Moringa can supports the body in many ways including increased energy, sleep, blood pressure level, blood sugar level, hair, and skin.

  • Natural anti inflammatory herbs.
  • Natural amino acid supplement.
  • Natural ways to boost immune system.

Moringa oleifera seeds wingless

Wingless moringa seeds are suitable for human consumption.  Dried moringa seed shell is easily breakable by hand.  Moringa kernels are ideal for human consumption.

Wingless Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Our wingless are moringa seeds are prepared from first grade  moringa seeds.  Using machine and manual methods wings are removed from moringa seeds.

Moringa Seeds Wingless manufactures

The winged seeds of moringa oleifera are dispersed by wind (anemochory) and by water (hydrochory). For consumption and other medical consumption purpose we usually remove  this wing by manual and machinery process.

Wingless moringa seeds exporters

We are exporters from southern part of India, which is hub of moringa seeds plantation. We exported moringa products around the world.

Pack size: 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg. Pack type: PP pack

Other names for mornga seeds include

  • Moringa cultivation seeds
    Moringa pkm-2 cultivation seeds,
    Moringa pkm-1 seeds
    Moringa traditional seeds
    Mmoringa oil seeds
    Moringa medicinal seeds
    Moringa pharma grade seeds
    Mmoringa white seeds
    Mmoringa black seeds
    Karumbu moringa seeds
    Tree moringa seeds
    Moringa bold seeds
    Moringa papvm seeds
    High oil content moringa seeds
    Nutritional moringa seeds
    Fresh wet moringa seeds
    Fresh wet white moringa seeds
    Moringa cultivation seeds for leaves production
    Moringa cultivation seeds for fruit production
    Moringa cultivation seeds for fodder production
    Moringa seeds powder
    Moringa edible seeds
    Moringa seeds for natural water treatment
    Edible moringa seeds kernels
    Bold moringa seeds kernel
    Edible bold moringa seeds
    Young unmatured white moringa seeds for medicinal uses
    Moringa seeds powder
    Moringa seeds extract
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high germination moringa pkm1 seeds
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